February 5, 2011


I am definitely no saint but, interestingly, once upon a time as a sweet and innocent young girl I wanted nothing more than to become a Catholic nun when I grew up. That never happened but luckily, my parents did manage to instill in all of us (there were six altogether) a sense of higher purpose. And, that particular philosophical viewpoint has served me well. Additionally, we had a small family seafood business which also helped shape my character and provide me with many concrete values that I have learned to count on and appreciate over the years: like working hard, completing a task, keeping your promise, cherishing life, being honest, respecting our elderly, never stealing, practicing patience and self-discipline, and a host of other techniques that are used to enrich our lives.

Yet, I still have my regrets... my mistakes... my "what in the world was I thinking" moments that allowed me to either self indulge or behave inappropriately or otherwise, be foolish. And at age 38, I can't promise that I won't make any more mistakes, but that is the point!, I seem to have finally recognized amid my meager collection of gained wisdom and experience.

Everyday is a new opportunity to do something better. And, even better than that, every second that passes is one more chance to change our future. This is my current philosophy. We all have something to offer because we are all equally and justifiably the independent gatekeepers of our own deeds and efforts. So, how will I spend the next minute, hour, day? What should I be doing differently? And, why does it matter?

In one, very basic attempt, I will experiment with the above idea with regards to my Keep Your Neighborhood Clean Day idea (see THE MORE THE MERRIER blog). Aside from a handful of willing volunteers and an actual start date, all's else that is needed are some trash bags and gloves and maybe even a truck or two for hauling off any larger items that perhaps certain older residents might be requesting assistance.

Here is what I am going to do now. Contact our local Wal-mart store and maybe a few other business leaders to see if they would be interested in donating these minor materials in my initial efforts to beautiful our planet. I promise that I will report back to my readers with the results very soon!


  1. You are amazing and I can't wait to see and hear about the fruit of your labor of love :)

  2. Thank you... for your time and consideration. I can't wait to receive these immediate results either!