February 3, 2011


There was an idea and that idea soon turned into a yearning... a passion... a challenge... a real chance to change my future and my surroundings. To make a long story short, I simply LOVE to see people working together and I want to promote this kind of cooperative living through my up and coming business venture.

My vision is grand! I want to inspire the locals and encourage any newcomers to fully enjoy our small Alabama town known as the City of Enterprise. As husband and wife (and best friends) with two sons, three daughters, and a baby on the way--- our family wishes to open our doors to friends and strangers, alike, in a fun and exciting and alternative way to making new friends while also networking and moving towards something greater than just turning a profit. There are three major components to my plan.

The first is to design and build an adobe home that can accommodate our guests through a number of relaxing venues: a Bed & Breakfast, a Restaurant and Music Lounge, an outdoor Weddings and other special events facility, and a Community Garden specifically created for those in need by the students of our local public schools.

The second part involves a more humanitarian spirit and lots of hard work, individual experience, uncommon knowledge and a variety of skills, unyielding commitment and a true desire to be among others who want to share their time and energy and sense of "making a difference". From the ground up, we will dig out, shape, and mold my adobe home--- one brick at a time until successful and artful completion.

The third aspect is the easiest: GIVING BACK. Not only monetarily but also by staying intimately connected with our unique community of longtime residents, transit military Soldiers, tourists and  passerbys, farmers and business owners, and all the many respectable Army Veterans who have made Enterprise their home.


  1. Ok this is WHY I love you so much. I having been thinking about doing the same thing here in Va Beach.

  2. Forever soul-sisters! I think it is so cute how I always call Andi... Zoila. It's like my little sister mental image is imprinted on my tongue too!